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Welcome to Snow's Garden Center
Spring Is Here... GROW FOR IT!
The colors that Spring brings are so vibrant and cheery (perhaps because we've had several months of leafless trees, brown grass and grey sky - but that's besides the point!)  The new leaves and flowers are gifts from Mother Nature and they are given to us, without fail, every single year.

If you feel like you're missing out on some of Mother Nature's Spring gifts, Snow's Garden and Landscaping Center can help!  We'll tell you what plants thrive and flourish best and give you tips on how to best care for them so that, every year, they'll greet you with the same vibrant beauty!  We have everything you need to experience Spring in all of it's glory.  Don't have a green thumb?  Let Snow's give you a free Landscaping Quote and we'll do it for you.  With over 100 years of gardening and landscaping experience, Snow's will generate a great deal of neighborhood envy for your newly landscaped yard.  CALL 434-295-2159 to make an appointment with one of our landscaping specialists, or come on by the Garden Center and pick out your own plants and flowers.  Don't hesitate to ask questions... we're here to help and look forward to seeing you soon!

Questions about Gardening?  Don't miss the Snow Know's Garden Show.  Every Saturday from 9 to 10am on FM 107.5 and AM 1260 WCHV. Call us during the show 964-1075.  CLICK HERE for more info and podcasts.

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