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Summer Colors
After the spring color is gone and the summer heat kicks in, gardeners still want color and vibrancy in their yards. The summer sun can be brutal on delicate plants, and choosing the best ones for our area is crucial to their survival. There are many summer plants that thrive in the harsh summer sun and Snow Knows what they are :) Here are a few:

Hibiscus Huge red, pink or white flowers can be as much as a foot across on stems that range from 2 to 8 feet high, depending on the variety. Flowers bloom from late spring until frost. Stems die back to the ground each winter. Requires full sun; regular to abundant water.

Wave petunias (in purple, pink, and lilac) are more like vines—perfect for growing in hanging pots, along retaining walls or even as a ground cover. Their vibrant color spills over and spreads out, thriving all summer with very little maintenance. Requires full sun; regular water.

Tough and trouble-free, daylilies produce showy flowers above a mound of sword-shaped leaves. Whether in the garden or in a vase, each blossom lasts just one day; they are daylilies, after all. But each stem holds numerous buds that open on successive days. Requires full sun to light shade; regular water.

With the Evergreen Candytuft, small clusters of delicate white flowers appear in low-growing clumps in spring, and continue into the fall. The shiny, dark-green leaves stay on all winter, so the plant remains attractive year-round. Requires full sun to part shade; regular water

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