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Cut Christmas Tree Care

Care for your cut Christmas tree at home is much the same as care for cut flowers. If you aren't ready to put the tree up right away, keep it outdoors or on an unheated porch or patio. Protect it from wind and direct sunlight. Most importantly, put the cut end in a pail of water or very wet sand.

When you are ready to bring the tree into the house for decorating, remember the following:

  • Give the tree a fresh, straight cut. Remove 1-2 inches of the cut end to open the "pores" in the trunk, allowing the tree to better take up fresh water.
  • Mount the tree in a water-holding stand, preferably with a capacity of at least one gallon of water. Depending on the size and type of tree you have, it may use from one quart to one gallon of water each day. Be sure to refill the stand daily.
  • Place the tree away from direct sun and any heating vents, wood stoves, or other sources of heat.
  • Always check your electric light strings to make sure that all plugs, wires, and sockets are in good condition.
  • Always turn your tree lights off when leaving your home and before going to bed for the night.

If you need to cut branches off the bottom of the tree in order to get it into the stand, these branches can be used to make wreaths and centerpieces.

We hope you will enjoy this fragrant addition to your Christmas celebration. May this holiday season be a safe and happy one for you and yours!