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February Garden Hints

Carefully observe your houseplants for insect damage. Look for sticky substances on the leaves or around the plant. Look for leaves that appear unusually dusty or dirty. Check for anything flying around the plant. If you observe any of these problems, bring a piece of the plant into the Garden Center for diagnosis.

Now is the time to start seedlings for your early vegetable plants and some of the flowers that take a long time to grow to transplant size. Some of the vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, collards, and lettuce.

Give your houseplants a mild dose of houseplant food. This will help them as they make their way through the lower light levels and slower growth period of winter.

Take advantage of the warmer days to do some dormant pruning of your fruit trees and other deciduous plants.

Be sure to CAREFULLY clear snow and ice from your plants as soon after the storm as possible. This will prevent damage and permanent bending of the stems from the weight. Be careful during periods of extreme cold as the branches can be quite brittle.

If we have a period of prolonged freezing of the ground with no rain, don't forget to protect your broadleaf evergreens from wind and cold damage. A burlap screen or other wind break and a good drink of water as soon as the ground thaws will help prevent foliar damage.

Keep watering your amaryllis and poinsettia plants. Make sure they get plenty of light. They'll keep going through the summer and you could even get a great floral display for next Christmas. For additional tips, check our on-line handouts!

Don't forget a living floral gift for your Valentine on Valentine's Day!