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June Garden Hints

Avoid fertilizing your fescue lawn between now and Labor Day. The fertilizer will make the lawn more susceptable to fungal diseases.

Be on the lookout for fungal problems throughout the garden this year. With the rainfall and cool temperature this spring, the conditions are perfect for fungal development, especially as the weather turns hot. If you have had problems before with your lawn or trees or shrubs or perennials, start on a preventative program early. This year will be bad!

Spray your fruit trees with a good combination fruit tree spray for control of the diseases and insects that can ruin your harvest.

Beautiful summer containers can be created now to give color to your deck or patio. Larger annuals are available this time of year to help you get instant results for parties or just for your own enjoyment.

Prune your spring-flowering shrubs before the end of the month. This will allow you to do the shaping you need to do without compomising the flowering for next season.

When spraying for insects and diseases, always read the label thoroughly. Spray only when needed and try to use the safest product that is effective for the pest.

Treat woody weeds like poison ivy and honeysuckle now. Be careful not to get the spray on desirable plants. It will kill them, too.

Carefully monitor irrigation heads and their spray patterns. A head that has gotten bumped out of alignment can be wasting a large amount of water by spraying onto pavement or other non-turf areas. In addition, your lawn will have dry areas that the sprinkler is missing.

Remove the spent flowers from perennials like phlox, daylilies, and shasta daisies to encourage additional flowering.

Now is a great time to consider adding a water feature to your garden. The sound of running water will be a relaxing element that will bring you years of enjoyment.

Hummingbirds are active in the garden. Plants with red, tubular flowers are especially attractive to hummingbirds. Hang a feeder near a window and enjoy watching them feed.

Formal shrubs can be sheared now. Remember to thin the growth to allow light and air to get into the interior of the plant for better health.

Feed your water plants now. Simply insert a fertilizer tablet into the container and your plants will thrive.

Pinch back chrysanthemums now to encourage branching and the production of tight, compact plants for fall.