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March Garden Hints

Winter injury shows up this time of year. Wait until new growth comes out to trim back some of your broad-leaf evergreens. Even though the leaves are dead, the buds may be healthy.

Put down crabgrass pre-emergent as soon as the forsythias come into bloom. This is the best time of the year to control crabgrass.

Remember to water in your crabgrass preventer as specified on the label. It is important to get the product watered in soon after application to insure effectiveness.

Begin spraying your fruit trees as soon as the flower petals drop. Use a good combination fruit tree spray to cover all of the bases. Be sure to follow the label directions.

Treat your lawn now for the cool-weather weeds that have developed since last fall. Spray with Broadleaf DSO to eliminate henbit, chickweed, and other broad-leaf weeds before they set seed. Treat next October-November to catch the young seedlings before they can grow and become unsightly.

March is the time to start your early vegetable plants like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, collards, and lettuce. Peas, potatoes, and other cold-tolerant vegetables can be started outside after the middle of the month.

Prune your non-climbing roses just before the new growth begins to expand. Remove any weak or diseased canes to the ground. Cut the remaining 5-7 canes to about 12-18 inches tall.

Apply Weed Screen to your flower and shrub beds now to prevent weeds this spring. Start with a clean bed and you'll be amazed at how few weeds you'll have! Be sure to cover the Weed Screen with mulch or water it in well right after application as outlined on the label.

Don't get caught by the itch to start planting annuals too early! Remember, trees, shrubs, and perennials can go in any time. Tender annuals like impatiens, petunias, marigolds, tomatoes, and so forth can't make it outside before the end of April at the earliest.