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September Garden Hints

Fall mums are here. Enjoy the colors of fall in place of your annuals that are worn out after the long summer. Planted in a well-drained area where they won't have wet feet for the winter, mums will come back year after year, too.

Hold off a little on planting pansies. With the hot days we can still have in September, your pansies will stretch and get leggy on you before they can even be enjoyed. Plant pansies in October when the weather has cooled a little more.

This is a great time to plant perennials. The perennials will establish a strong root system for the spring. Don't forget sedums and asters that are starting their best display now.

Prime lawn season is here! From now until October 15th, you can take advantage of the best weather for establishing or improving a lawn. Come by Snow's today and pick up your supplies!

This month is time for your lawn's first fertilizer application. (Remember the 'SON rule--September, October, and November). Use New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer if you're overseeding.  If not, choose between Winter Survival or Green-Up Lawn Food.

Save your Snow Dough for the Snow's Fall Festival coming in October!

Groundcovers such as periwinkle and ivy will establish more quickly if planted this time of year.

Fall is for planting! This is an excellent time to renovate your landscaping. If you've been struggling with areas of your yard all summer or wishing you had a new patio or other landscape feature, now is the time to act! You can still enjoy your completed project through the warm fall days and it will be ready and waiting for you next spring. Plantings done now will establish themselves better than those done in the spring, too!

Watch out for fall webworms in your trees. These caterpillars form a web over the end of a branch and eat the leaves of the tree. You can take care of the problem easily by removing the branch and tossing it in the trash. You can also spray with Bt or Orthene for good control.

For mossy areas in your lawn, treat with Moss-out. This will kill off the moss without harming the lawn.

If you've had a problem in the past with grubs in your lawn, now is a good time to treat the area. The young grubs are hatching and starting to feed on the roots of your grass. Killing them now reduces the amount of damage they do through the Fall and into the Spring. Young, small grubs are usually easier to kill than large, mature grubs. too!

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, and other Spring flowering bulbs are available now. When planning your bulb plantings, remember that mass planting is the most effective way to use bulbs. Large sweeps and groupings really show off the beauty of the flowers and create truly spectacular displays in Spring!

If you've had vole or other animal problems with your bulbs, try putting a band of Perma-til around them when you plant. The digging animals hate trying to burrow through the coarse grains of the Perma-til. As a result, they leave your bulbs alone.

Now is the time to renovate old iris beds. Lift the irises, clean them off, remove any soft or insect damaged portions, divide where necessary, add organic matter to the soil, and replant. By doing this every few years, you can keep your irises thriving for decades. (An added bonus--dividions to plant elsewhere or share with friends!)