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Snow's Bullet Proof All-Stars

To help guarantee your gardening success in Central Virgina, Snow's has developed a collection of plants we call Snow's Bullet-Proof All-Stars. These plants have been selected for their ability to thrive in our area with a minimum of pampering. Choose from this collection and you'll have fewer insect, disease, and adaptation problems with your plants.


Eastern White Pine* Nellie Stevens Holly Leyland Cypress
Norway Spruce Southern Magnolia Foster Holly
Colorado Blue Spruce Sullivan Cypress  

Deciduous Trees

Saucer Magnolia Zelkova Linden
Eastern Redbud* Sugar Maple Thornless Locust
Flowering Dogwood* StarMagnolia Kousa Dogwood
Japanese Maple Flowering Cherry Gingko
Red Maple* Flowering Pear Weeping Willow
Serviceberry* River Birch* Styrax
Fringe Tree* Sweet Gum  

Evergreen Shrubs

Nandina Dwarf Burford Holly Viburnum
Eleagnus Mahonia American Boxwood
Rhododendron English Boxwood Hinoki Cypress
Azalea Cotoneaster Montgomery Spruce
Japanese Holly Aucuba Globosa Spruce
Japanese Plum Yew Gold Mop Cypress Abelia
Pyracantha Otto Luyken Laurel Juniper

Deciduous Shrubs

Weigelia Lilac Vitex
Mock Orange Spirea Fothergilla
Dwarf Burning Bush Sweet Shrub* Knock Out Rose
Japanese Barberry Flowering Quince Butterfly Bush
Rose of Sharon Beautyberry Forsythia
Viburnum Hydrangea Itea*


Ajuga Ivy Periwinkle
Pachysandra Liriope  


Clematis Wisteria Trumpet Vine*


Black-eyed Susan* Cone Flower* Phlox
Sedum Astilbe Daylily*
Hosta Fern* Heuchera

Ornamental Grasses

Miscanthus gracillimus Miscanthus Morning Light Miscanthus Adagio
Muhly Grass    

* Denotes native plants